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About This Game In The Chemist, working hard and managing your resources well is as important as making the right decisions about your life and your work. Making the best out of the contracts and the resources available to you, you’ll find yourself creating recipes for all sorts of different liquids and finding answers to your questions like “what would happen if my fruit soda could also be used as a soap?”. As you get more and more famous, certain companies with grand plans for the world may start watching your steps - should you choose to deal with them, you’ll witness the results of your actions shape the world. And whenever the stress becomes too much to bear, you can always throw around some flasks and watch them shatter to pieces; or just take out the trash. It’s good for your soul. Bad for paying the rent. Mix and earn: Choose from hundreds of different contracts, be it an AC cleaner or a soy sauce recipe, and progress through the story as you make both a living and a name for yourself. There are also some...particularly shady concoctions that you can make a huge profit from. If you're the risky type, try to master the dark side of chemistry right down in your basement! Don’t be afraid to try new things! A tasty motor oil, a hot pepper flavoured cake cream; why not! Be mindful though, when you’re creating a shaving gel recipe that can also be used for...other purposes, things may get out of hand rather quickly. Event based gameplay : Your decisions will have consequences. It may be about your private life, your career, or even the fate of the world. The rich content of events will keep surprising you. By rich we mean, as of now, close to 800. Just don't ask how we came up with them... There is always a mastermind plan brewing. You’ll catch the eye of some very powerful companies as they try to make the world a better place or simply to take advantage of you. Whatever their goals, your dealings with them will change the world in an all too visible way. Use your resources wisely: outright completing a contract may not always be to your benefit. You may have to save up on some particular resources as their prices rise up due to seasonal storms or the president’s digestion problems... 6d5b4406ea Title: The ChemistGenre: Casual, Indie, Simulation, Early AccessDeveloper:tensixfour CreativePublisher:tensixfour DigitalRelease Date: 3 Nov, 2017 The Chemist Crack Download Free Pc the chemist cafe. the vape chemist. the chemist stephenie meyer epub download. the ultimate chemist. the chemist leichhardt. boots the chemist cruelty free. the clandestine chemist's notebook download. the chemist crack. the chemist club. the chemist barber. a chemist engineers. boots the chemist exeter. the chemist cafe. the chemist free online. the chemist 39429. the chemist atomic modulator. the chemist summary. the chemist 10. the chemist cast. the necks chemist rar. the chemist's english pdf. the jallas chemist. the chemist outlet. the english chemist robert boyle. the chemist sector 50 gurgaon. the chemist ennis. the hub chemist. the chemist war. the young chemist. the chemist helensburgh. zain the chemist. the chemist columbia ms. the chemist look. schoenfeld the chemist's english. the chemist tv. the chemist oswestry. a-z chemist. the chemist bar nyc. the chemist download. the chemist in asheville. the chemist game. chemist the valley. the chemist sequel. the chemist napier. the chemist free book. the chemist movie. the chemist in columbia ms. the chemist stephenie meyer free pdf download. boots the chemist 70 sale Had a lot of fun until I ran into a glitch and couldn't turn one of my mixtures for a contract. There's absolutely no information on this game anywhere at all, so if you were looking for a game where you could find a hint if you got stuck, this isn't it.And why don't the contracts pay anything at all? I make way more money selling my extra chemicals than from contracts.Edit: Discovered it was user error. Definitely recommend this title. Have had loads of fun.. The chemist is a fun game, but feels like alot is missing, its pretty much abandoned, IF the devs actually start developing this again i'll change my review otherwise it's a cautionary tale to anyone who is thinking it may get finished.. Amazing game, I just wish it were more optimised for Intel because that's my primary graphics manufacturer. Otherwise, just another great black market chemistry game (the only one.). I bought this game because I thought it was going to be a fun 'chemistry' game. In reality, it's stressful, and somewhat pointless.There's not a whole lot to do in the game besides mix chemicals and fulfill contracts, and for this I found the game extremely repetitive.The only reason you're mixing the chemicals in the first place is to maintain rent for your apartment, and that seems to be the only goal in the game. There's nothing else to do.I would consider playing this game in the future if there was an option to get better equipment that might help you, or a better apartment to purchase after reaching a goal.TLDR: Shallow, 1-dimensional gameplay, don't buy.. The game is fun, silly, and reasonably stable.That said, games are easy to make but hard to finish. Sadly, it would appear to have been abandoned at this point. If you buy it, dont expect the game to be finished at any point down the line.. Very fun, and a really cool and original concept. While from the moment I bought it there were a bunch of crashes related to shattering bottles on the walls, the developers quickly fixed it. It's very refreshing and pleasant to see that there's still small-team games getting published that have legitimately original concepts, who then proceed to actually interact with the community during the Early Access period and listen to the complaints and suggestions. Apartment 202 Prologue Chapter NOW INCLUDED!: Hello all;As some of you may know there was some buzz around a crucial part of the story that was not going to be included in the initial release of DSM. Well I am very excited to let you all know that APARTMENT 202 is now finished and in the game! So yes it will come with DSM at launch, and it sheds further light into David's past, APT 202 events take place 5 years prior to the core game story line but I felt it needed to be told from the get go! I also replaced ALL of the old media with new screen captures that show APT 202 as well as some game play elements of the main game! :)Be sure to keep an eye open for a game trailer soon!Thanks so much for your time.- The Solo exhausted dev ;)PS: Check out the games menu and how to play instructions.. David Slade Mysteries - Memories Of The Past Story Reveal Teaser Trailer NOW LIVE!: Hello All;I am excited to post the Story Reveal Teaser Trailer for you all to watch. The FULL TRAILER is coming soon I promise :) Just working hard on the game, so more very soon.Thanks so much.- The Dev


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